The facilitator journey

Step 1

Drop your expectations

Whether you have direct experience working with groups of men or not, it is essential that you first commit to your own personal journey with Mentell.

Step 2

Become a “regular”

A regular is someone who attends their local circle frequently and has shown genuine enthusiasm, as well as demonstrating a clear understanding of the 7 principles.

Step 3

Make a formal commitment

When the time is right you will be invited by the support team to make a formal commitment and join your local facilitator team.

Step 4


You will have the opportunity to take a next step towards facilitating by attending a Mentell training day.

Step 5

Support a facilitator

You will be allocated a lead facilitator to shadow in a supportive capacity for a period of time, dependent on individual progress.

Step 6

Lead your local circle

When ready, your lead facilitator will begin the transition of handing over full responsibility whilst providing ongoing support.

Ready to have a chat?

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