How it works

Have someone in mind?

You might have a friend, partner or colleague who has expressed that they are struggling, feeling stressed or are fed up with life.

Get their permission first

To arrange the call, you will need the first and last name, email address, phone number and home town or city of the man you want to refer. Talk to them first and make sure it's ok for you to go ahead.

What happens on the call?

The call will be with a Mentell team member who will have an informative chat with the man you have referred about what Mentell is and how it might be able to help. It is not set up for crisis or 1 to 1 support. If emergency help is required, please contact the Samaritans.

Arrange a Call

Clicking "Continue" will open up a form in a new window. Please fill this out with the details of the person that you want to refer.