Keeping it productive


Every member in the circle has the right to a safe space, free from any form of abuse or intimidation.


Your personal details and the information that you share within the circle, stays within the circle.


Regardless of background, faith, beliefs or appearance, every member has the right to be respected for who they are.

Free of Judgement

The circle is a space for people to share sensitive thoughts and feelings, you are invited to do so free from any judgement.

Free of Commitment

You are free to come to Mentell’s circles as and when you choose. You will never be asked to make any formal commitments. Members have free access for life.

Free of Advice

Members share their personal experiences without directing thoughts, feelings or beliefs to any other member within the circle.

Freedom to Share or Listen

Everybody has the right to share within the circle, equally there is no obligation to share. The choice is always yours.

Report a breach

If you feel at any point that there has been a breach of principles in a circle that you have attended, please follow the link below.