How it works

Sign Up

The first step after reading through the following information will be to sign up.

Confirmation Email

Once you have signed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Circle allocation

You will be directed to either the nearest Mentell circle, or a trusted affiliate circle that has been approved by us.

Follow the directions

Mentell will make you aware of the time, date and frequency of this circle, and provide directions on how to get there.

Sign in and take a seat

Once inside, you can add your name to the register and let the facilitator know what you would like to drink. Refreshments including tea and coffee provided.

Opening the circle

When everyone is sat down and ready, the lead facilitator will open the circle and cover basic house keeping, the 7 principles and suggestions on how you can make the most out of the circle.


The ball will be passed as each person has their turn to speak, and the rest listen. Please note that you are under no obligation to speak if you don’t want to.

Half time break

There will be a short break where you can go and get a drink or have some conversation before the circle resumes.


The facilitator will offer all members the last opportunity to share, followed by a few simple reminders before closing the circle.

Sign up for a circle

If you would like to access a circle in person, please sign up following the link below.