Tried and tested

Circles work

For thousands of years, men have gathered in circles to share stories with one another, build community and solve problems.

The fire

Traditionally, this would take place around a fire, which creates a space for open conversation.

The world today

The world has become a very busy place and these traditions have been mostly forgotten.

Connection lost

As the use of technology has increased, the need for face to face communication has decreased.

Impact on mental health

This has influenced todays society in a way that people feel more isolated and unable to talk about serious issues.


Mentell’s mission is to reconnect men with the circle, by offering every man the opportunity to talk.

Volunteer Support

It is only through the combined effort and generosity of volunteer support that Mentell has been able to achieve so much already.


Community partners and local businesses have a significant role in supporting Mentell’s message.

Care providers

Local care providers; GP’s, counsellors and therapists help signpost new members to the circle.

Going national

Mentell’s short term vision is to make circles accessible to men across the United Kingdom.

And eventually worldwide…

Mentell’s long term vision is to make circles accessible to men across the world, in different cultures and communities.