Information & Requirements

Track Record

Mentell will support all men's groups no matter what stage of development; however, the group you represent must have been running for 6 months before the support team can pass on Mentell membership referrals.

You are Supported

Through affiliating with Mentell you will gain access (if needed) to free facilitator training, weekly supervision, shared knowledgebase and mentorship.

Venue Selection

Ideally, your affiliate circle is located in a neutral venue (aka not a pub) with free parking and a private room free from interruption for the meeting duration.

Having clear signage is a bonus but not essential.


Your affiliate circle will have a consistent frequency, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Your affiliate circle will have a clear start and end time. 80% of all men living in the UK are in employment. Ideally, your circle opens in the evening, allowing plenty of time for members to arrive after work hours.

Group Size

At the minimum, Affiliate circles will offer each man 10 minutes to share, for example 2-hour circles would allow for 12 men.

On the flip side, Mentell does not recognise a circle without the minimum number of 3 men in attendance.

Refreshments Available

Offering a simple hot drink can make a difference when helping members settle and feel welcome. Affiliate circles will offer all men refreshments.


Your affiliate circle aligns with the "7 Principles", which you can learn more about by clicking here. Mentell can not refer members unless your circle operates within the same framework.

Focused Sharing

Your Affiliate circle will have a focus point to direct the members when sharing; most men's groups use a 'ball' or 'talking stick'; use whatever works best. As long as it's clear that whoever is holding it, is the one that should be talking.

Two Facilitators

Your affiliate circle will have a minimum of 2 facilitators running the group; having a minimum number reduces the risk of safeguarding concerns and becoming a 1:1 service (in the event only one man turns up).

Frame the space

Affiliate circles deploy a clear frame that the facilitators learn and repeat every circle to ensure every member is fully aware of the rules, principles, dos and dont's before the container is opened.


Affiliate circles register members on arrival for two reasons. 1. Health & Safety - In the event of a fire. 2. Safeguarding - without knowing who is in your circle, how can you report a safeguarding concern?


Alliliate circles understand safeguarding vulnerable adults, have a person responsible for safeguarding and operate a clear policy on how to escalate concerns.

Open circle

All affiliates will open the circle to all men without restrictions. Including (but not limited to) equal access to all disabilities, age groups, economic backgrounds, mental health challenges etc.

Single Point of Contact

Mentell will need a single point of contact to pass over member referrals. Therefore, affiliate circles must have a named and contactable person via email or phone to handle the  referral process.

Become an Affiliate

If you would like to sign up for Mentell's affiliate program, please follow the link below and fill in the form.