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Following the break up of my relationship with the woman of my life, the one that was going to be with me till the end, I was in bits. Nothing was worth doing, life wasn't worth living. It got to the point that I had put aside a cocktail of pills that I knew would 'do the job'.

I saw an advert for Mentell on my Facebook feed and thought what have I got to lose, and signed up.

Over the weeks, I was able to talk to other guys with all kinds of problems, many similar to me, and learnt what made them tick, how they handled things and got through the week.

I am so much more settled now. I won't say all my problems have gone away, but things are much more in focus and life has taken on meaning again. My 'cocktail' hit the bin a few weeks ago.

I have been so impressed with Mentell I am now training to become a circle facilitator, hoping to help others like me.

Mentell may or may not have saved my life, I don't know, but I do know it has helped me get it back again.

Thanks Mentell.

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